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a collection of asset packs from the fantasy_ series [forest_, taiga_, swamp, tundra, desert_ & cave_]


if you like what you see and want more from the fantasy_ series check out playerSprites_ 

if you want to see something a little different check of the legends_ series' robinHood_ and camelot_


if there's anything you want to see added to fantasy_ leave a comment below...

...If you'd like to use our assets in a project of your own credit would be appreciated but not necessary [CC-0]


follow us on Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter @analogstudios_


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fantasy_ [version 2.0].zip 228 kB

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Thanks so much! I love you assets and pixel art, great job! :)


Cool pack! I used the forest tiles for a jam entry (https://avaloggames.itch.io/orcball)

It would be nice if a lava field was added!

Hey!! just wanted to lyk i made a revamped desert version of this and its posted here: https://lilboox.itch.io/desertplusplus

wanted to let you know so you could take a look :)

This looks amazing! Good job!

can i use this for scratch?



I absolutely love your assets to death. I'd love some flowers to go with the mushrooms in your next pack!

Also, if you do commissions that would be amazing!

Can we use this for commercial use?


I don’t know if you promised to give us an interface or if it already exists?

i would like to make some interface/iu assets in the future but for now i have no plans. although i am going to add a WIP folder in the next update with some bits and bobs i haven’t finished working on yet, including some item icons

may i use your style on the tile edge ?

Yes of course!

thank you, i wish you a good day !

Thank you very much for your hard work.

Thank you!

Hola, tengo una pregunta. 

si uso estos recursos y los uso en un juego gratis en la playa store y ganó dinero con los anuncios estoy infringiendo los derechos de autor?


hi there, am I allowed to alter the tilesets to create my own? AKA colour swapping and adding additions to your work. Love your sets, they look fantastic <3

yes! Just don’t charge for them as that would be wildly unethical 

lol ofc not, just for my project :]

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Do you have an email, discord, (or use instagram as I've tried to reach you in the past) that I could use to run some ideas past you? I have a working concept that'll allow the user to use your art style in any tile format variation and have a tile able to be blended with as many biome types as it wants to, atm I'm without internet for several days but I've taken a picture with my phone to show you what I mean. P.s.) If you want to apply this method via setting it up, it'd require 4 layers ontop of your original layer having 1 for each side. When I get this concept up and working with all biome types, I'll turn them into rule tiles and create it as a unity asset pack for you so that anyone can use it in this format without having to setup the rule tiles / code and be able to play with or use it right out of the box. (Huge fan of your project, I love it)

hello! You can contact me @ analogStudios.inc@gmail.com

Hi, I am making a game using your sprites. Can you share the color palette used in this asset pack, I need make variations and want your colors. You can make a palette in lospec.com for the comunity have your nice palette. I credit your work in my game and I love your art. Thanks a lot.

https://lospec.com/palette-list/fantasy here you go!

Thanks a lot!

The bridge and other stone structures imo, is the best of this pack.

Thanks OP, for such nice pack.

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Can you make everything an auto tileset variation so that I can have a tile that has a full corner, or another tile that has a full indent? Tiles with borders that require 2 tiles minimum are very limiting; 9/10 times it can be converted to a 1x1 border but has more rule cases. The rule settings for these are about 14 rules per sprite sheet so I believe it'd be 14 + the base tile aka 15 tiles total needed to be made per biome type. There are also no transition tiles for corner tiles.

I don't think this is the same rule-set as this tile-set uses, these tiles only have 4 'parts'

are you able to make the art follow this rule set that I published? I managed to get a working version by expanding the tiles to be 32x32 instead of 16x16 & just followed the cases of that image that I showed you & it took me about 2 hours to get the first one done then every other one after that took about 30 mins since it was just paint bucket tool. Its not the full thing & isn't laid out in a pretty fashion but you can use this as a reference.

How Can I make a Cliff :(

I removed the cliffs for the time-being so that I could focus on release the rest of the asset pack, but I will update it in the future

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Nice job ! 
i search a long time and your tilset is the best !

but little question we are not able to download the previous version anymore (mabe it's a bug) ?

and do you plan to make a V2 with all wall tiles like v1 ?

thanks man :)

Yes! I’m just a little busy at the moment, but it’s coming!

Your art style is my favorite, I plan on using this and a few more of your environments in my project. I am very grateful for your help with these packs, My only suggestion would be to add chickens, sheep, cows and pigs in Fantasysprites_ pack to harvest. This would give the forestvillage_ more depth and my players tasks in game.

Thanks again for creating these amazing sprites.

pls reply :(

thanks. That what i needed

thank you!

Why are some bridge, fountain, etc. tiles more than 16x16

It would also be nice to remove all duplicates, for example, stones or a fire. And make the shadow separate for different palettes. And you can fantasize beautifully and weigh less archive

I noticed that on the background of your site you have 3 frames of different water heights. And in resources it has 2 frames and even the rest of the frames are repeated. Hope you fix it.

I really like this too. I'm developing a game that uses 32x32 tiles but 4x4 as the smallest "pixel". Definitely a fan!

I always found the style of your topdown works to be really interesting. Has a very cartoony feeling to it, with lots of cute blocky shapes, and strong white highlights.

It is really lovely.
Great works, cheers!

thank you so much!

Your art is beautiful, I intend to create an rpg game, can I be inspired by your art?

you can use it if you’d like, credit is appreciated but not necessary 


I love the new combined pack but curious as to why so many tiles were removed?

a lot of the other tiles needed a lot of work :(

(2 edits)

This Asset looks very cool! I have two questions:

1) What is it?

2) What FPS should be set?
Thanks again for the work you've done.


it’s a pot ahah… and I think I used 6fps, but I would recommend playing around with fps yourself

it seems to me that the forest animation is missing one.


one what?

Animation frame, I believe they mean. With the available tileset, the water on the shore in the forest pack only has 2 frames of animation, rather than the 3 we can see in the background for this site.

Hi, I don't want to create a paypal account, are there other options? thank you for this excellent quality work!

you can use all of these assets for free! so there's no need to make a paypal account :)

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thanks a lot, just in case... https://nano.org/

Can you add some animations like trees getting hit and broken, falling or something like that, please.



Hello, I'm new to using tile maps and also new to Unity, which is the game engine I am using. When I imported the sprite sheet, sliced them, and tried to create animated tiles, the individual sprites were all named forest__# which makes it very hard to find what specific tile I need. Is there a solution to this? Thanks for this great asset.

hi…sorry for the late reply but if it’s still relevant in any way I just updated the whole asset pack to make it a lot easier to work with

Deleted 358 days ago

I always use https://www.piskelapp.com/ for it. It has an amazing sprite sheet cutter and there are multiple tutorials for it.


I've made a Halloween hack-n-slash game using a bunch of your assets, including this tileset and many of your characters. Check it out! https://theretropaul.itch.io/spooky-scary-skellies

Thanks so much for your work. It's appealing and easy to work with, making it great for developers like myself who aren't great with artwork!

Its so cute!

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