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fourSeasonsPlatformer_ [tileset]

run, jump, dash & fall through the four seasons with the fourSeasonsPlatformer_ [tileset]...

...if you like what you see and want more from the fourSeasonsPlatformer_ series check out fourSeasonsPlatformer_ [enemy sprites]

adapted from RottingPixels  four seasons platformer tileset



introducing the underground_ update! featuring giant mushrooms, barrels, bricks & more!


introducing the dungeon_ update! featuring two dungeon tilesets, spikes, chains, lava & more!



if there's anything you want to see added to the fourSeasonsPlatformer_ [tileset] leave a comment below...

...if you'd like to use our assets in a project of your own credit would be appreciated but not necessary...looking forward to see what you create! [CC-0]

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I’m Going To You Your assets and if I Make Some Money And Gonna Give You Because This assets Loos very attractive

Thank you! But you can keep whatever money you make!


This guy copying your assets-

Four Seasons Platformer Tileset [16x16][FREE] by RottingPixels (itch.io)


actually it’s the other way around :) but you should definitely check out their work, they’re super talented and have some amazing asset packs (all for free I think)

Hi! does this support autotile?

I don’t know sorry, but I don’t think it will because of the different sized tiles

Yes but you have configure it

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Hi, Have been using your tilesets for my game. I was asking if you can make a Christmas tree. You can check my game here https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.APGStudios.Shoot

I'd like to try and add some lights but i hope you find these useful in the meantime

Bro thank you.  Thank you very much.  I appreciate the artwork. I am trying to make a Christmas Update. But thank you!! 

is there a character with the same art style? that would help me a lot

I’m working on character sprites at the moment…I just need to finish a few more animations 

so far these are the animations i have: idle, blink, run, jump [idle, run], hit and death

i'd like to add a few more movement options as well as some other looks before i publish them properly, but you're more than welcome to use these and i'm open to suggestion

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Hi! I'm working on a free online platformer and I've used some of your assets (mostly the 'Four seasons', which are awesome) so I'm just double checking if it's OK with you. All credits will be included on the game site.

Thank you in advance!

yes, that’s so fine!

Hi, you can check the game at https://alvrineom.itch.io/we-dont-work-here-that-way

i just checked out the first 3 episodes and it was really funny, left a comment on the itch page for you

Wow i remember seeing this a long time ago but never used it. I will definitely get it now and use it for a prototype! This is awesome work!

Pog asset! works great..


Nice style!! beautiful assets, good job.

Thank you!

I can't believe how polished this is! Thanks for sharing this, gonna follow and looking forward to seeing more packs in this series!

Thank you! I'm hoping to release some updates in the next few weeks!

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id like to see some characters if you can

I am currently working on some playable characters! As well as some bosses!

Hi! Any update on the playable characters/bosses for this tileset? :)

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Yes...not too much progress has been made as I've been working on my fantasy_ series...although some work HAS been done...although I'm not sure how I feel about it...but maybe you can help... Thomas 

Little Thomas looks pretty good.I'm horrible at creating anything animated lol.

Good job! I will use this in my html5 game. Thanks for these nice assets

Thank you and good luck with your game!

This Is really Good I am Going to use this in my Game on Scratch

Thank you!

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I wonder how to use the water the spikes are not visible on https://scratch.mit.edu

Have you tried making the water (layer) translucent? Or you could display the spikes on top of the water.

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Bro I really Love this Art I use this in this Game https://andeux123.itch.io/hungry-slime Hope You Like It

Thank you! I had a good time playing your game and I hope everyone else enjoys it as much as I did! Best of luck in the discord jam!

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I really like your assets. It is amazing. Please continue. Can you merge all images terrain1.png, terrain2.png,terrain3.png, terrain4.png into one image? For some reason, merging all terrain into one image makes it a lot easier for me to program. I would be happy if you do it. Thank you very much. I love your job very much <3

Yes, I'll get right to it!

<3 :3

Finished! You can find all of the terrain tiles in Terrain_All.png

Love you so much! :>

Duuude, you rock it!!

I'll use this sprites for my next jam game! :D

Thanks for the asset pack!


Thank you! 

I can't wait to see what you make!